Cobble Hill: Candy Counter: 350 Piece Puzzle

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  • MADE IN THE US: Cobble Hill Puzzles are proudly manufactured in North America.
  • FAMILY PIECES: On one end of the puzzle the pieces are large – perfect for kids. On the other end of the puzzle the pieces are small – perfect for adults. This way, the whole family can work on the same puzzle at the same time!
  • HIGH-QUALITY: The glare-reducing linen paper and crisp image make it a perfect piece to frame.
  • EARTH FRIENDLY: All cardboard is made from 100% recycled material. Our ink is also vegetable based.
  • NO INSTRUCTIONS REQUIRED: Simply use the box cover or convenient linen print poster included. Finished size is 26.625″ x 19.25”

The candy shop is open for all of you with a sweet tooth. The jars are filled with scrumptious delights. Choose perhaps licorice, hard candies, jelly beans, or maybe gummy worms to put into your basket. The bright pops of color fill the scene with pinks, yellows, blues, and greens cascading across the shelves. This 350 piece Candy Counter Family puzzle has an assembled size of 27” x 19” and it is part of the Family Puzzles Collection; special-sized pieces ranging from small to large are included in the box. The extra-special shapes ensures that this puzzle will become a firm favorite. It is manufactured in America and the recycled board, depth of pigments, and unique design all result in a quality item. The precision cut pieces fit perfectly and the overall impact of the sweets in jars is simply wonderful. So, sit back, relax, and tell us, which yummy sweet will you go for first?