Cobble Hill: Horse Pond: 500 Piece Puzzle

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  • MADE IN THE US: Cobble Hill Puzzles are proudly manufactured in North America
  • RANDOM-CUT PIECES: This piece design means each puzzle piece looks different – A fun challenge
  • HIGH-QUALITY: The glare-reducing linen paper and crisp image make it a perfect piece to frame
  • EARTH FRIENDLY: All cardboard is made from 100% recycled material. Our ink is also vegetable based

These elegant horses sip the cool water of the pond. They are faithful creatures, reliable and loyal. The chestnut brown and caramel color of two of the horses dazzle brightly in the sunshine, while the unique patchwork markings of the white and brown horse makes it standout. This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle that capture your heart, the scene is so endearing. The Horse Pond puzzle is made in the US and the pieces have precision-cut edges, which means they slot into place effortlessly, and once complete, you’ll be pleased with the seamless finish. The image of the horses drinking and the ripples of the water is enchanting with a sense of calmness to it. The large boulders in the background and dense forest beyond show the vast lands in which they can roam. Seeing wild horses is a real treat, and with this 27” x 19” puzzle you get to be close to them all the time. Just don’t forget to offer up the sugar treats, they deserve a treat.