Cobble Hill: Hot Air Balloons: 1000 Piece Puzzle

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  • MADE IN THE US: Cobble Hill Puzzles are proudly manufactured in North America
  • RANDOM-CUT PIECES: This piece design means each puzzle piece looks different – A fun challenge
  • HIGH-QUALITY: The glare-reducing linen paper and crisp image make it a perfect piece to frame
  • EARTH FRIENDLY: All cardboard is made from 100% recycled material. Our ink is also vegetable based

We knew at least one person with a bucket list containing a ride in a hot air balloon as one of the items on that list. While we couldn't make that happen, this hot air balloons puzzle may be the next best thing. Brilliant primary colored float at dawn or dusk (take your pick) above a field of purple flowers. Hot Air Balloons has 1000 pieces and is reproduction of artwork by artist Greg Giordano.