Florida Man - The Adult Party Game That just Keeps on Giving

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  • GAME OBJECTIVE: Each player is serving 21 dasy in the county jail. Be the first player to cross off all your days, and get out to win.
  • TIME SERVED: For every correct matching answer cross a day off your sentence (score sheet).
  • EASY TO LEARN: This game is easy to learn with simple rules making it great for friends and extended family.
  • INCLUDES: 110 two-sided headline cards, 1 jail time scorepad, 1 answer pad and rules

Florida Man is now a fun party game! Start the game in county jail and for every correct matching answer, cross a day off your sentence (score sheet). The game comes packed with hundreds of Florida Man headlines with a missing word or two. Players try to guess what the missing word is, and match their answers up with the card reader. Florida Man is the party game where the bizarre headlines keep coming and the laughs never stop.