Gizmos 2ND Edition

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  • Plastic energy dispenser – The durable, plastic energy dispenser holds all the energy marbles during play and stores easily in the box between games.
  • Chain-reaction builds – as players build their Gizmos, components will trigger off oneanother, making combos that allow for dynamic turns!
  • Great replayability – players shuffle the Gizmos decks and only use a certain number of them Each game. With each play through, new options will be made available.

Create the greatest gizmo at the science fair! The sharpest minds of the generation are gathering together at the great science fair. In the end, only one will walk away with the blue ribbon. Who will prove that they're the best, showing that they can think fast and efficiently build their machines? Only one contestant will rise to the top. In gizmos, players take on the role of contestants in the great science fair. They will pluck energy marbles from the innovative plastic energy dispenser and use them to construct new gizmos, adding them to their machines. Players will have to plan ahead as they build, since gizmos can chain-react off of one-another. As more gizmos are added, more reactions can trigger, creating some truly epic turns. In the end, the player with the most victory points is declared the winner.