Keys to The Tardis – A Doctor Who Game to Race to The Other Side

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  • DOCTOR WHO FANS: Allons-y! Outset Media’s Keys to the TARDIS is a fast-paced, fun-filled game that a variety of ages will enjoy. It’s a strategic challenge to find a path to the other side – with a little luck thrown in!
  • HOW TO PLAY: Pick 1 of the 6 modern regenerations of the Doctor. Draw a card; then pick a card from your hand to play. Move your Doctor if you can, and try to get to the other side of the board first!
  • NEW EVERY TIME: Shuffle the TARDIS tiles and build a new board every time you play. You never know what’s behind a tile until you land on it. Use the cards in your hand to fight Cyborgs, Daleks and more!
  • PLAY & LEARN: Keys to the TARDIS fosters strategy, big-picture thinking and creativity.
  • INCLUDES: 54 cards, 40 tiles, 6 characters with stands and instructions. Made from high-quality materials meant to last. 2-4 players. (Ages 8 & up

Keys to the TARDIS will warp you into a new dimension! This fast-paced game of strategy and luck is a fun challenge for ages 8 and up. Race against other players to maneuver your Doctor through the TARDIS, using the cards in your hand to fight Cyborgs, Daleks and more! By unlocking doors and traversing obstacles, get your Doctor across the precarious maze before the other players to win. Then shuffle the tiles and rebuild the board to play a new game! Allons-y!