No Fumble: Football Party Game

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  • Football based party game
  • Play while you watch!
  • 2-6 Teams UP TO 108 PEOPLE CAN PLAY!

NO FUMBLE FOOTBALL PARTY GAME Be the host of a fool proof—No Fumble—collegiate or professional football party! Do you want to get people together to watch the big game on TV? What do you do with the folks that don’t know how to play football? What do you do with people that don’t want to be tied to the TV? What do you do with the fan who could care less about the two teams you’re watching? No experience necessary to get everybody in on the action. NO FUMBLE was designed to satisfy the most discerning stats geek, while being easy enough for anybody to join in. NO FUMBLE is the easy to play, get everybody watching, anybody can win, football party game! 2-6 TEAMS UP TO 108 PLAYERS CONTENTS: HOME TEAM CARD DECK AWAY TEAM CARD DECK INSTRUCTIONS