Tension Kids vs. Adults

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  • Family Edition of Tension, a bestselling game in the UK, now available in North America.
  • It’s a riotous race to call out words that match a given subject…but only answers matching the 10 words on the card will score.
  • You have 60 seconds, so don’t lose time thinking. Tension is fast and frustrating, but a fantastic fun game for everyone.
  • Includes 200 Cards, Answer Tracker, Game Board, 2 Pawns, and 1 Sand Timer.
  • 4+ Players, Ages 7+. Beware – Kids may know more than you think they do!

Tension Kids vs. Adults is a family edition of Tension.  Kids battle the adults in this family themed version of the classic naming game.  Beware, the kids may know more than you think they do!