How to Glue a Puzzle

Are you not ready to put away that puzzle you've been working on for hours? Here is a simple step by step guide on how to glue your puzzle!


Step 1: You will need to place a barrier underneath your puzzle to avoid a sticky mess! Parchment paper or wax paper are commonly used for this. Place or slide the completed puzzle, face up, over what you decide to use. Make sure none of the puzzle is touching the table. 

Step 2: You may want to do research on the best glue to pick out. However, we believe the best glues for gluing puzzles are transparent drying glues, that are strong and liquid. Puzzle Glue, Wood Glue, White Crafts Glue, and Epoxy Resin were the glues that achieved the best results. All of these glues are perfect for gluing puzzles but the easiest to use is regular Puzzle Glue.

Step 3: Depending on what kind of glue you picked out, it would be best to follow the instructions on the bottle. If it is liquid, start by pouring the glue in the middle of the puzzle. Take something flat that can be thrown away after, like a piece of cardboard, and start spreading out your glue. You want to make sure not to apply too much glue, as it can soak into your puzzle and cause the artwork to be distorted or swell. Keep spreading until your puzzle has one even coat covering your whole puzzle. 

Step 4: You will want to wait up to 4 hours for your puzzle to dry. Moving it too soon can ruin your finish project and move the pieces around. If your puzzle starts to warp, wait until it is completely dry and place heavy items on top until the puzzle stays flat. 

Step 5: To ensure your puzzle is as strong and durable as it can be, we recommend after it is finish drying to flip it over and glue the backside. This will help prevent that curl or it warping. Again, wait 4 hours for it to dry.

Step 6: After all the glue dries, to make sure no pieces fall out overtime, you should mount/glue the puzzle to a large piece of cardboard, foam board or something else that is sturdy. You will want to cut it a tad bit smaller then your puzzle so no edges show. You can use a craft glue for this. 

Step 7: Finally, it is time to hang your beautiful masterpiece! You could simply hang it on your wall or get a glass frame that is large enough for your puzzle. You should be able to lay it in your frame and have it mounted after that! Then you will be able to enjoy your puzzles for years to come!