Heye: Apocalypse: 2000 Piece Triangular Puzzle

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  • Cartoon classic illustration piece by Loup
  • High quality triangular 2,000 piece puzzle
  • Manufactured to a high quality in Germany
  • A prefect gift for friends or family
  • Finished puzzle measures 690mm x 960mm

The day of reckoning has come. Look out for the incoming meteor, it’s heading straight for the ground. You won’t want to mess with the laser beam from the alien spaceship, but then again, the destructive earthquake will have you scrambling for your life. A hysterical 2000 piece Apocalypse puzzle, this is the creation of the very talented artist Jean-Jacques Loup. His work is both dark and humorous. It has a final size of 38” X 27” and is packed full of detail: look out for the fuming priest, the flying angel, and the swarm of frogs. Are they trying to get away or seek vengeance? Enjoy this German-made jigsaw puzzle: the quality of the board is assured and the detail and cut of the pieces make this a luxury item. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, you’ll need to decide how you are going to save the world.