Heye: History River: 1500 Triangular Piece Puzzle

  • High quality Puzzle.
  • Made in Germany.

The passage of time flows freely in this jigsaw puzzle. Jump aboard the boats as they wind their way from Roman times to Vikings, the Middle Ages, the Titanic, and beyond. There is all manner of time periods to study in the 1500 jigsaw puzzle; choosing which is your favorite is going to be a tough decision. Which mode of transport would you like - trains, planes, automobiles, or rocket? Then there are different societies - ancient to modern day, as well as a plethora of buildings. Don’t forget to identify artist Hugo Prades amongst the little characters. The detail is amazing and you can be assured of the quality. Produced in Germany, the grid-cut pieces have fit tight and interlock well. The triangle box makes it particularly special and the inclusion of a poster is a great addition. Once complete the 32” x 14” puzzle looks like a work of art. But watch out, it seems that a meteor has made quite an impact.