Heye: Jurassic Habitat: 1000 Piece Puzzle

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  • High Quality Die-Cut Jigsaw
  • Made with recycled cardboard
  • Fun for all the family

Get to view pre-historical creatures in their natural habitat, never seen before due to their elusive nature - now all is revealed in this wonderful Jurassic jigsaw puzzle. The amazing animals are having a crazy time, some have gotten their long necks into a muddle, others are munching their way through the trees, another has been knocked out by falling rocks. Yikes, one of the elusive beasts has lost his head, oh dear, what an unfortunate incident. The visitors to the wildlife park are all in for a treat, there is so much to see. They will need to watch out for the flying pterodactyls and hopefully take a photo of one of the eggs hatching, as it seems their babies are not so scary after all.