Heye: King Penguins: 1000 Piece Panorama Puzzle

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  • High Quality Die-Cut Jigsaw
  • Over 200 Designs Available
  • Fun for all the family
  • Easy to do, no instructions required.

Penguins are adorable, and they have great qualities: they mate for life, take good care of their eggs, and teach their youngsters well. The king penguin has the cutest waddle and its striking yellow orange beak contrasts with its silky black body. This 1000 piece panoramic penguin puzzle will have you wanting to learn more about these fearless and fun birds. The quality of the German-produced puzzle stands out, as its photographic scene has excellent depth of color and detail. The splendor and richness of the winter sky is captivating. The shades of a sunset are warm, yet the weather will be anything but. Wisps of clouds and the rising sun’s rays reflect on the icy lands. The completed size of this jigsaw is 31.2” x 12.8”. All you must do now is to join the penguins as they set off on their long march.