Heye: Magnesium Tree: 1000 Piece Vertical Puzzle

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  • Heye jigsaw puzzle.
  • Made in Germany.

A new and magical tree has been discovered. Its beautiful violet-colored leaves shimmer in the light and the tree sits above a mystical treasure trove in the soil below. A sensational jigsaw puzzle, the intricate detail, swaths of light, and foreign landscape are captivating. The view beyond the tree is quite unique; how long it has stood in the earth, no one knows. What secrets it holds is beyond imagination. This vertical Magnesium Tree puzzle will capture your heart. It has 1000 firm grid-cut pieces and there are a variety of shapes. There is no confusion over whether a piece will fit and it is a puzzle that can be enjoyed by young and old. It is manufactured in Germany and the 37” x 13” puzzle scene comes in a colorful box that shows off the image perfectly/ It will take pride of place in your collection. This enigmatic tree is surely going to be pieced together as soon as the box arrives.