Heye: Milk Tooth Zozoville: 500 Piece Puzzle

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  • 100% Cardboard
  • High Quality Die-Cut Jigsaw
  • Made with recycled cardboard
  • Over 200 Designs Available
  • Fun for all the family
  • Easy to do, no instructions required

Losing your first tooth is a momentous occasion. Little blue monster looks down at her missing tooth and wonders what the tooth fairy will bring. She has cute fluffy fur, sparkling bright eyes, and her wide smile shows off the rest of her pearly white teeth. The artist Mateo Dineen creates such charming, creative, and unique paintings in his Berlin studio. His Zozoville puzzles are real collector items. Each image tells a story and the fantastical creatures never fail to amuse. This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is made in Germany and the quality of the board is plain to see. Thick board and irregularly-cut shapes means there is just the right amount of challenge. The final assembled size is 19” x 14” and once made up, you will certainly struggle breaking-up the endearing scene.