Heye: Paul Lamond Victoria France Dark Rose: 1000 Piece Puzzle

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  • 1,000 piece Heye puzzle
  • Image is by the popular Spainish artist and author Victoria Frances
  • Finished puzzle measures 480mm x 680mm
  • Presented in a shrink wrapped high quality cardboard box

A stunning puzzle for fans of gothic puzzles. The mesmerizing woman casts her eyes down - her emotions are wild and untamed. This impressive Dark Rose puzzle illustrated by the Spanish artist Victoria Frances will be a pleasure to complete. The 1000 piece puzzle, part of the Favole series, will have you wondering why the lady is biting the black rose. Perhaps she has lost her lover; with the blood drawn from the thorns to be used as a potion hoping to bring her special someone back. The woman’s exquisiteness shines through, her delicate lace top highlights her curves seamlessly. Made in Germany by Heye, the jigsaw puzzle measures 19.7” x 27.6” once completed. You will want to get started on this hypnotic puzzle as soon as the box arrives.