Heye: Pirate World: 2000 Piece Puzzle

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  • Map Art
  • Fixed Size: 96.6 x 66,8 cm
  • Recommended Age 12 years

A pirate’s life out on the ocean. Hunting down treasure, discovering new lands, and having wild adventures. Doing this epic 2000 piece puzzle will have you searching out Blackbeard, the most feared pirate on the Caribbean seas; you will then be hoisting the Jolly Roger flag to warn other seafarers. This jigsaw puzzle is impressive: the detail is amazing, from the design of the world map to the fighting battle of the fearsome pirates. Muskets, cannons, swords, and daggers are drawn, ready for action. The muted colors are perfect and it gives the puzzle a sense of times long gone by. Having been manufactured in Germany, you can be assured of the quality of the puzzle. Completing the 38” x 27” Pirate World puzzle will have you signing your pirate code just in time for the ship’s launch.