Heye: Save The Ship: 1500 Triangular Piece Puzzle

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  • High quality die cut cartoon themed jigsaw puzzle 1500 pieces
  • Part of the triangular box series of puzzles
  • Includes high quality poster

The pirate ship has lost its seafaring legs. Actually, it’s gained a lot of legs: little helpers are holding it up, keeping it steady as repairs begin. Yikes, it looks like there’s a strong wind and many of the workers are battling hard to hold down the sails. Let’s hope no one has to walk the plank. The 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle will keep you amused throughout. The unusual design and wealth of detail means that the Save the Ship! puzzle will be a quick favorite. Even better still is the fact it comes in a triangular box, whose quirky design will look great on your shelf. Manufactured in Germany using state-of-the-art equipment, the depth of color and smooth finish means there is no glare from overhead lights, making your puzzling experience far more enjoyable. It has an assembled size of 32” x 24”. Once the ship is repaired, the hunt for treasure resumes.