Heye: Seashore Tanck: 1000 Triangular Piece Puzzle

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  • Artist  Birgit Tanck
  • Heye jigsaw puzzle.
  • Made in Germany.

Fun and frolics down by the seashore. You will love doing this eventful 1000 piece seashore puzzle. There is so much to take in. You will want to decide which activity to get involved in. You may want to surf the waves, go whale watching, or maybe do yoga on the beach. The jigsaw puzzle will remind you of life in the sun and being by the water. It is German-made and has excellent detail with artwork by Birgit Tanck. There is so much to see. Or should that be there is so much to sea? The deep blues and sandy yellows work well with the bright shade tents. You will want to get going on this puzzle as soon as you get it because it is such an entertaining design. Completing the 27” x 19” puzzle will be a sea breeze, but don’t get down in the depths when you have to pack it away again.