Heye: Sweet Squirrel: 1000 Piece Puzzle

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  •  Ribbon Cut Interlocking Pieces
  • Sharp, High Resolution Imagery
  • Made In Germany
  • Superior Quality Jigsaw Puzzle

    This little squirrel has the most amazing flowered headdress, a delicate bloom of wild flowers and foliage from the forest. She is rather pleased with the arrangement. Reddish brown fur contrasts perfectly with the blue and white top, and she is all set for a day out with her squirrel friends. Perhaps they’ll have a light brunch of hazelnuts and acorns. This is a wonderful 1000 piece puzzle that you’ll want to get going on straight away. It would be perfect as gift, the image would surely melt the recipient’s heart. The artist Mia Charro certainly knows how to create a design that lifts your spirits. The Sweet Squirrel puzzle is produced in Germany in a modern factory, the board is just the right thickness, and the quality of the laser-cut pieces stands out. The completed size measures 27” x 19”. Let’s just hope our squirrel remembers to keep her flowers safe if the weather is forecast for rain.
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