Heye: Mordillo: Thank you!: 500 Piece Puzzle

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  • HIGH-QUALITY PUZZLE ▸▸ This puzzle is a wonderful and challenging activity for the weekend! Colorful and exciting, this 500 piece illustrated puzzle comes from a collection of different ideas. The Heye jigsaw puzzle established itself as a niche manufacturer of unusual and innovative jigsaw puzzles made from quality materials, setting industry trends with each new line or image.
  • CHALLENGING & FUN ▸▸ This fun and unique design will provide entertainment for you, your loved ones or a group of friends and family. Put your puzzle skills to the test!
  • TRUE ART ▸▸Their art choices come from artists of all kinds and feature a wide variety of subjects from gothic fairies to children’s stories and fun, colorful illustrations. Heye Puzzles are ideal for gluing, framing, and hanging on display in your home, as they are each truly a museum quality collector's item!
  • IMPROVE FOCUS ▸▸This delightful puzzle can help improve your focus and relax your mind. It is sure to boast a challenge for whoever takes it on, perfect to complete on your own or with friends and family.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA ▸▸ These puzzles are great value for your money and are wonderful gift ideas for birthdays, holidays, parties, and other special occasions. This puzzle is a must-have for any puzzle lover and makes for a rewarding and challenging puzzle experience.