Heye: Universe Creator: 1000 Square Piece Puzzle

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  • Includes 1000 extra large puzzle pieces made of sturdy chipboard. Heye jigsaw puzzles for adults are crafted with premium quality. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Makes a great gift – Puzzles are a fun activity to do on a cold fall or winter day and make a great gift for all ages at Christmas and over the entire holiday season. Great value for your money.

A soap-blowing panda on a bicycle creates a universe - Lora Zombie has her own idea of the Big Bang. Unusual and exciting!

The Russian artist Lora Zombie is a top seller on the urban art scene. With a unique commentary on pop culture and a keen eye for beauty, her style is unmistakable. She has already gained a massive following of fans across the globe and held major expositions in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Saint Petersburg.