King's Archer

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  • Will you be crowned the King’s Archer?
  • Build numerical sequences to accomplish the hallmarks of a great archer!
  • Weigh the odds, have a bit of luck, or maybe steal your opponents cards…
  • Points accumulate and tension builds!

Be swift in assembling the three hallmarks of a great archer...the bow, the arrow and the heart! Players build three numerical sequences from their hand - the archer’s bow, archer’s arrow and archer’s heart - laying them down on the table as they are achieved. Sequences of all one color or without wild cards are more valuable. Players can disrupt one another’s sequences with thieves - stealing cards right out from underneath their opponents. Players need good judgement to weigh the odds, strategic cunning to go for speed or purity, and bit of luck to see them through. Each successive round gets more tense as points are accumulated to determine the winner!