LEGO: Minecraft: The Frozen Peaks: 21243

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  • Fans of the Minecraft video game can build, battle and explore the icy biome in the frozen mountain caves of this LEGO Minecraft The Frozen Peaks set
  • This set includes a buildable LEGO Minecraft toy shelter, a Taiga forest build and an exploding TNT function that blows up part of the mountain
  • Kids search the Frozen Peaks, build a shelter, mine ore and gather food; they can explore and escape the dripstone cave or battle hostile mobs
  • Features a Minecraft goat toy with a ramming feature to knock the mobs off the mountain, plus coal, iron and emerald ore elements for kids to mine
  • This icy Minecraft biome toy set includes a LEGO Minecraft Steve figure, Creeper and stray Minecraft Mobs and a goat animal toy figure
  • The LEGO Minecraft building toy includes fun features and authentic accessories such as a crafting table, torch and toy diamond sword
  • This action-packed playset, part of a range of LEGO Minecraft building toys, makes a great birthday gift for kids age 8 plus years old