Master Pieces: Realtree Opoly

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Grab your gear and head around the board with your fellow nature lovers, as you collect wildlife, birds, and fish on your way to the win! Fans of the great outdoors will love the nature trivia on the back of the property cards, learn about the many creatures that make the outdoors their home. Action cards feature humorous hunting and fishing sayings that will have you cracking up. Six metal playing pieces include a fish, a duck, a canine companion, and 3 more. Includes: Game Board, 6 Collectible Metal Tokens, 22 Realtree® Property Cards, 4 Gear Cards, 2 Dog Cards, 16 Gone Fishing Cards, 16 Gone Hunting Cards, 1 Pack of Custom Money, 32 Plastic Campfires markers, 12 Plastic Realtree® Antlers markers, 2 Dice, and Rules For 2-6 players, ages 8+.