Mind Trap

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  • Test your brain with logic, brain teasers, and quirky characters.
  • With its quirky questions and mind-numbing riddles, the game went on to become an instant bestseller, with over 3 million copies sold worldwide
  • It’s a great party game and a good way to exercise the brain.
  • iIncludes four different categories of questions: Reebus Riddles, Classic Conundrums, Picture Puzzles, and of course, MindTrap Mysteries.
  • Ages 12+, 2+ players or teams

This is a game where you'll find yourself constantly saying, "Doh!" or "A-ha!" Everything always seems obvious after you hear the answer, but whether you get the answer right or wrong, you'll enjoy thinking out of the box as you work to solve mysteries, conundrums, riddles, and logic problems