Piatnik: Christmas Chaos: 1000 Piece Puzzle

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  • Fun Christmas themed puzzle - art by Francois Ruyer
  • 1000 interlocking pieces
  • Finished puzzle measures 26.7" x 18.8"
  • Made with the well-known high quality of Piatnik
  • Made in Austria

The North Pole is a busy place at Christmas: poor Santa can’t sit back and read his paper, there is work to do, and Mrs. Claus needs some help. Behind the scenes at the elf workshop, presents are coming down to land, toys are being built, the tree is decorated, and Rudolph has come to inspect the craziness. A 1000 piece Christmas Chaos puzzle, with artwork by Francois Ruyer, that is full of cheer - you can’t help but smile. The diligent elves are so cute, they know how important the festive season is and don’t want any child to miss out. A glorious puzzle that is produced in Austria, it measures 27” x 19” when assembled, and the huge variety of shapes that add to the overall enjoyment. This puzzle will be first out of the box during the holidays.