Ravensburger: Apollo Saturn V Rocket: 440 Piece 3D Puzzle

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  • For puzzle enthusiasts and visionaries: the legendary Saturn V rocket as an impressive 3D puzzle.
  • With separable rocket stages, removable lunar module, command and service modules, 3 astronaut figurines and a launch pad. Includes an English brochure with extensive information on the Apollo missions, the moon landing and the spectacular Saturn V rocket.
  • 440 curved high-quality plastic jigsaw pieces and additional accessory pieces fit together perfectly to form a strong and sturdy replica of this breathtaking spacecraft. No glue required thanks to the Ravensburger EasyClick Technology. Either assemble by eye or using the numbers and arrows on the reverse side.
  • A real eye-catcher in any room and a wonderful decoration. The ideal gift for a birthday or Christmas.
  • Contents: 440 puzzle pieces, 504 pieces in total, Height: approx. 92 cm, Level of difficulty: 4/5, Age: from 8 years.


The largest, highest and heaviest rocket that was ever built. And it took humans to the moon. Start your very own Apollo 11 mission by assembling the legendary Saturn V rocket from jigsaw puzzle pieces to create an impressive 3D model. Just like the original, the finished model also consists of three separate rocket stages. And the removable lunar module along with astronauts even lets you simulate the landing maneuver. And then all that’s left to say is, “Houston, the eagle has landed!”. A giant that wrote space travel history: the Saturn V (Saturn 5) rocket. On 16th July 1969, it catapulted Neil Armstrong, the commander of the Apollo 11 mission, and his two astronaut companions into space, turning the ancient dream of landing on the moon into reality. You, too, can be a spacecraft engineer! Assemble the Saturn V and build this impressive 1:120 scale replica of the famous rocket as a 3D jigsaw puzzle. Just like the original, the finished model consists of three separable rocket stages. And the removable lunar lander, the service and command modules along with three little astronaut figurines even let you simulate the mission including the landing maneuver.

Measuring 36in. (92cm) in height, the rocket model looks highly impressive. The included launch pad acts as a decorative plinth and provides a firm stand at the same time. Moreover, it includes fascinating background information on the Apollo missions and the moon landing as well as spectacular facts about the Saturn V that remains to be one of the largest rockets ever built even more than 50 years after its voyage.