Ravensburger: Carpe Diem

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  • What You Get: One beautifully illustrated game board, more than 220 game tiles, 44 wooden game pieces, and rulebook
  • Clear Instructions: Clear instructions walk you step-by-step through the game with helpful visuals and diagrams for set-up and play, with a quick reference guide to help players familiar with the game. Search for “Watch It Played Carpe Diem” on YouTube to learn the game via video.
  • Seize the Day: As an influential patrician in Ancient Rome, you’ll build a prosperous city district. Grow bountiful gardens. Cultivate ponds rich with fish. Build lavish villas for your citizens. The day is yours to seize, and the city ripe for growth.
  • Quality Components and Design: In this new edition of this Game of the Year nominee, you’ll find beautifully redesigned components, created by the same team who created The Castles of Tuscany. Thanks to high-quality wooden pieces, durable tiles, and numerous strategies, Carpe Diem remains exciting and beautiful through many hours of play.
  • Brand Legacy: Ravensburger has been making quality games for over 130 years.

In this new Stefan Feld game, players are influential patricians you set out to improve your city districts. Grow bountiful herb and vegetable gardens. Cultivate ponds rich with fish. Build lavish villas and various other dwelling for your servants. The day is yours to seize and the city ripe for rebuilding.