Ravensburger: Wild Garden: 500 Piece Wooden Puzzle

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WOODEN jigsaw puzzles are wooden jigsaw puzzles with sturdy, irregularly shaped puzzle pieces for adults and children aged 14 and over. Small wooden figures hidden in each puzzle provide extra puzzle fun.

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Wooden puzzles are mainly known for children. But the robust, natural material is not only ideal for children's hands! Anyone looking for a new, extraordinary jigsaw puzzle experience will be delighted with WOODEN jigsaw puzzles! The wooden puzzles with stable, irregularly shaped pieces require special skill, and they come up with an additional highlight: the "whimsies" - lovingly designed, small wooden figures that are hidden in every puzzle.

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles mean jigsaw fun in premium quality with a high standard of material, motif and design. This passion for quality and attention to detail as well as a huge selection of motifs, formats and numbers of pieces make Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles so unique and guarantee an unforgettable jigsaw puzzle experience. From beginners to professionals: every puzzle lover will find the perfect puzzle here!


505 piece wooden puzzle including 40 whimsies