Read My Mind: Fun Game of Clues and Creative Connections

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  • FAST AND FUN: Flip a card and read the incomplete statement out loud. Be the first to guess another players answer.
  • FAMILY GAME NIGHT: Read My Mind is a great family game for girls and boys ages 10 and up. It is easy to learn and rounds can be played quickly.
  • BENEFITS: This game enhances creative thinking and strenghtens writing skills
  • WINNING THE GAME: The winner is the first player to reach 50 points. (For a shorter game agree on a lesser total).
  • INCLUDES: 220 cards, Tally Wheel and Rules (for ages 10 and up)

Read My Mind is a game of like-minded thinkers. Ask questions and clues, but beware... others can intercept and hijack the answer and your points! So think fast, think smart, and make the connection - and don't get lost for words!