The Quest for El Dorado: 1st Expansion

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Beware adventurers! Although this edition introduces new hero cards, which assist players in thorny situations and new expedition cards that give more exploration options, this expansion adds terrain tiles that contain demon spaces and dispenses curses to wary travelers.

Landing on a demon space requires a player to draw a curse token, which may slow down progress towards victory. Some of the challenges these tokens contain are blocking a player from using purple expedition cards, drawing a demon card or placing a curse that requires the unfortunate explorer to discard valuable cards before they can continue to play cards that guide players through a specific terrain. When a demon card is drawn, it remains in the discard/draw pile with only the useful purpose of moving onto a rubble space or as a half coin for a purchase.

Although Quest for Eldorado is already a challenging competition with great deck-building capability, this expansion adds more challenge with its new terrain tiles, cards and curses. For 2-4 players and 30-60 minute gameplay. Requires the game Quest for El Dorado to play.