USAOPOLY: CLUE: Critical Role

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It’s time for the Harvest Close Festival in the city of Zadash, but a vengeful threat targeting one of the Mighty Nein is an unexpected wrench in the celebration! Take part in a side quest of epic proportions created in partnership with Critical Role with this role-playing twist on The Classic Mystery Game! Help your favorite adventurers from Campaign 2 uncover WHICH hero token will reveal the member in danger, WHO is behind the spiteful plan, and WHERE they are planning to strike! Is Isharnai targeting Nott the Brave in The Invulnerable Vagrant? Or does Captain Avantika have it out for Jester Lavorre in the Victory Pit? Solve the mystery before the festival ends to save one of your own from meeting their fate!

Journey to the land of Zadash and solve the mystery of an anonymous threat being made at the Harvest Close Festival to take revenge against one of the Mighty Nein members. Work to discover WHICH hero token will reveal the target of the attack, WHO is seeking revenge, and WHERE in Zadash they are planning to strike. A great gift for fans of the Critical Role series and a perfect game that you won't want to pass up.

Play as one of 7 characters from the Mighty Nein campaign - Beauregard Lionett, Nott the Brave, Caleb Widogast, Fjord Stone, Jester Lavorre, Caduceus Clay, and Yasha Nydoorin. Move across a custom illustrated game board featuring familiar locations including The Invulnerable Vagrant, The Gentleman’s Hideout, the Valley Archive of the Cobalt Soul, The Pillow Trove, Chastity’s Nook, Steam’s Respite, Evening Nip, the Halls of Erudition, and the Victory Pit. Villains include The Laughing Hand, Trent Ikithon, Captain Avantika, Vokodo, Lorenzo, and Isharnai.

Featuring 7 custom sculpted hero tokens representing characters - Cloven Crystal (Fjord Stone), Sprinkle the Weasel (Jester Lavorre), Frumpkin the Cat (Caleb Widogast), Goggles (Beauregard Lionett), Nott’s Mask (Nott the Brave), Teacup (Caduceus Clay), and Mini Bone Harp (Yasha Nydoorin). And for a gameplay twist, Encounter Cards are drawn when players roll or land on ‘?’ spaces on the board - these cards represent scenarios that, if the player overcomes, will provide a bonus to be used during gameplay.

Includes: 1 Game Board, 7 Character Movers, 7 Character Tokens, 7 Character Role cards, 6 Villain Clue cards, 7 Character Token Clue cards, 9 Location Clue cards, 23 Encounter cards, 1 Envelope, 2 Six-sided Dice, Rules