USAOPOLY: Mountains Out Of Molehills

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  • STRATEGY GAME: It’s time for the annual Mountain Maker tournament and moles have all gathered to prove their skills are the best. Plan, dig, and push your way to victory in Mountains Out Of Molehills, a highly addictive strategy game that plays across a unique two-level gameboard - an ‘underground’ area where players move their mole characters and an ‘aboveground’ area for the molehills to pop up after movement.
  • EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO PLAY: Players take turns choosing cards to signify their character movements, planning the order in which they want to move. The first player shows the first card, moving their mole character based on the action featured on the card. The next player then plays their card, moving their mole character. Play continues until no more cards are left in players hands. All the while, molehills form on the ‘aboveground’ area where the character movers traveled on the ‘underground’ gameboard.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Whether it’s for a birthday, a special holiday, or just because, Mountains Out Of Molehills is a great gateway hobby board game to give as a gift. With endless replay opportunities, anyone can enjoy the game over and over again with the unique nature of play!
  • Includes: 1 Aboveground Board, 1 Underground Board, 4 Board Frame Pieces, 4 Mole Character Standees with Bases, 120 Molehill Pieces, 120 Movement Cards, 1 Scorepad, 1 Rock Token, 1 Rock Die, 4 King Of The Hill Tokens, 1 Digging Guide (Rulebook)
  • 2-4 Players | Ages 9+ | 45-60 Minute Play Time