YAHTZEE: Disney Hocus Pocus | Collectible Witch’s Caldron Dice Cup

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  • Get ready to celebrate Halloween all year round with this collectible Hocus Pocus Yahtzee dice game based on the classic Disney film.
  • It's a perfect game for whenever you want to add some spooky magic to game night - this great collectible gift is perfect for fans of all ages.
  • Travel Yahtzee game that you can take anywhere and enjoy anytime
  • Includes: 1 custom Hocus Pocus witch cauldron, Custom scorepads, 5 custom Yahtzee dice featuring ingredients - #1 Oil of Boil, #2 Dead Man’s Toe, #3 Newt Saliva, #4 Dash of Pox, #5 Herb that’s Red, #6 Thine own Tongue.
  • 1+ Players | Ages 8+ | 30 Minute Play Time

Bring fun and magic to a full rolling bubble with this bewitching twist on America’s #1 Dice Game! Inspired by the classic Halloween comedy, YAHTZEE: Disney Hocus Pocus lets players “Shake, Roll, and Shout” spells and ingredients from Winifred’s evil book with a custom cauldron dice cup to mix Dash of Pox, Dead Man’s Toe, and more into winning combinations!