YAHTZEE: Sriracha

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  • Spice up game night with YAHTZEE Sriracha: Get ready to roll with the fiery flavors of Sriracha as you play America's favorite dice game!
  • Sriracha-themed Dice Cup and Red Rooster Dice: Enjoy a sizzling game night with a dice cup designed like the iconic Sriracha bottle and red dice adorned with the brand's famous rooster logo.
  • Custom Score Pad Included: Keep track of your spicy victories with a custom score pad that adds a flavorful twist to your YAHTZEE games. It's a must-have for Sriracha enthusiasts and game night aficionados alike!
  • It's a perfect game for whenever you want to add some hot sauce flavor your game night - this great collectible gift is perfect for fans of all ages that you can take anywhere and enjoy anytime
  • Includes: 1 custom Sriracha Bottle Cup, custom Sriracha score pads, 5 custom Sriracha Yahtzee dice, Pencil, Rules

The heat is on in this spicy new twist on America’s #1 dice game! Show your love for the novelty chili sauce with YAHTZEE Sriracha and shake things up with a dice cup replica of the novelty bottle, signature red dice featuring the brand’s recognizable rooster, and custom score pad!